Javascript: Understanding the Weird Parts

A deep dive under the hood of Javascript. Don't learn by just imitating other's code. Learn by deeply understanding.

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What's Different About This Course?

Most coding courses teach by imitation. The instructor writes some code, and you write the same code, and believe you've learned something...until you try to use your 'knowledge' in the real world. This course is about understanding Javascript concepts behind it, and how it works. Then writing code. That's the proper way to learn code. Don't imitate...understand.

A Labor of Love

There is a lack of coding courses online that explain how things really work. You deserve a proper coding education. That's what this course is designed to do.

11.5 Hours of Content

Over 80 lectures and 11.5 hours of quality content. Learn at your leisure and at your own pace. Execution contexts, first-class functions, the scope chain, prototypal inheritance, a deep dive into the source code of jQuery, build your own mini-framework/library and more.

Designed for Everyone

The course is perfect for beginners with minimal Javascript knowledge (variables, loops, and functions). However, even those with experience in Javascript will benefit from this deep dive under the hood of Javascript engines.

Watch On Your Mobile Device

Learn on the go. Watch the course on your phone or tablet using the Udemy app.

Source Code Included

Lectures come with both 'starter' and 'finished' code, so you can easily setup to follow the lecture and compare your code to the finished code from the lecture.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Ask questions in the course discussion boards. The instructor answers all questions personally, usually within 24 hours.

Five star reviews

Topics Covered In This Course


Learn first-class functions and callbacks by diving into the how they work inside the Javascript engine.


Learn how objects work in Javascript, and how clean and expressive prototypal inheritance can be over classical inheritance.


Learn what you need to know to be able to read and learn from famous source code. We'll dive into the source code of jQuery to see what we can learn, and apply it by building our own mini-framework/library.

And More...

Bonus lectures, information on ECMAScript 6, and much more. Also you'll get even more content as bonus lectures are added during 2015.

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Thank you and enjoy the course!

- Tony Alicea

About the Instructor

Tony Alicea is a 15 year veteran of web application development and user experience design, and carries a computer science degree, Microsoft certifications, and 25 years of experience in public speaking and teaching, both in front of large groups and as a one-on-one private instructor.

Anthony P. Alicea

Don't Imitate, Understand

Examples need to be built on top of context, and once you have context, you can not only copy the examples you find, but adjust and improve upon them.

I firmly believes that everyone has the ability to develop software, if they are just taught properly.

It is my pleasure and privilege to teach you. I hope you'll come away knowing something you didn't before, understanding at a level deeper than before, and feeling positive that you can accomplish what you've set out to accomplish.

Anthony P. Alicea
Software Architect, UX/UI Designer, Instructor

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